Senatore Cappelli Flour

In the heart of the Puglia Murgia

We still cultivate it today with great passion and love for our land and for our agriculture.

Senatore Cappelli Flour

In the heart of Puglia, Murgia , founded the mill , from the passion and professionalism of its owners. Pride of our mill is the mill stone of the end ' 800 , with millstones of stone The French Fertè. The stone milling produces a flour with an irregular particle sizewith the total presence of germ and bran; no waste is eliminated and cereals remain " whole ". Our meal is more tasty and high digestibility.


Flour is one of the foundations of our diet , mainly in Mediterranean areas , where bread, pasta and pizza occupy a prominent place in the composition of diets.

Flour is a food whose quality is highly dependent on the type of grain and its milling.


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Recipes with Senatore Cappelli flour

Senatore Cappelli

Known as the grain " chosen race " was used and cultivated in the 30's and 40's in Puglia and Basilicata . Its name comes in honor of Abruzzo Raffaele Senatore Cappelli . For decades it was the most widespread crop , up to the spread of the most productive varieties.

We will cultivate it today with great passion and love for our land and for our agriculture.


Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat

Cultivars of wheat "ancient "

Senatore Cappelli nutritional values

In wheat Senatore Cappelli are : vitamin E, vitamin B complex , pantothenic acid ( or vitamin B5 ) and folic acid , beta-carotene , iron, magnesium, calcium , iodine and selenium.

Senatore Cappelli gluten

Senatore Cappelli is suitable for intolerances to gluten and allergies : this is because the wheat Senatore Cappelli is free from any contamination by mutagenesis.

Senatore Cappelli recipe

Senatore Cappelli wheat is used to make pasta , but also some traditional breads , such as the one that enjoys the recognition of Matera IGP (Typical Geographic Indication).

Senatore Cappelli history

No loss of genetic manipulation techniques of modern agriculture , which sacrifice flavor and traditional content for higher returns.

Senatore Cappelli property

Wheat Senatore Cappelli , despite being high (about 150-160 cm ) , late and susceptible to rust and to lodging , was very successful thanks to its wide adaptability , its hardiness and excellent quality of its bran.

Senatore Cappelli flour

Senatore Cappelli flour can be a better food , than other flours , in case of intolerance or allergies.